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Misanga Bracelets, Blue and Orange

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Misanga bracelets: traditionally made with embroidery floss and string, meant to be a good luck charm. These intricate beaded pieces embody every aspect of that: celebrating friendship, good sentiments, and love. 

Inspired by the photos of the sun setting in Tokyo, and the moon rising on the Kyoto coast, the Misanga bracelets are ready for you to inspire your own stories and love. 

Each bracelet is made with a myriad gemstones, Afghan handcut beads and crystals. "Sunset in Tokyo" is ombré from yellow to orange, "Twilight in Kyoto" is gradated with light sky blues, to turquoise, to a sea green. 

As friendship bracelets go, we wanted these to be extra special. Each bracelet's end carries the opposing bracelet's colours, in the form of a beaded trinket. 

Share your life's moments and memories, and celebrate friendships regardless of borders. 


Each piece of jewelry is lovingly made to order in Singapore. Kindly allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, although they usually ship in 3 days. For urgent orders, drop me an email at