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Watermelon Jewelry

I remember learning about the oppression of Gaza back in 2021, when news outlets reported on Al Aqsa and I don't know why I hadn't learned of it sooner. Some friends posted about the violence back then and it's always been the same story. This didn't begin in 2023, neither did it begin in 2021. 

Recently I asked my dad: "Pa, do you think there won't ever be wars in any point of our lives?" He sighed. "No, they'll never end."

Growing up as a kid in a Christian household, everything seemed so binary. Black and white. Rules were meant to be followed. As an adult now, I'm thankful for my journey in life that pushed me beyond these boundaries and to learn what it could mean, to really care. 

We'll never know what's the perfect way to love or care. Heck I don't think there is a perfect way to love or care. But we do what we can, with the best of our intentions. 

Watermelon bracelets and necklaces are made with Afghan beads and Black Opal. Colours that represent the Palestinian flag, that represent freedom, love, strength, anger, resistance, peace... the list goes on. 

All profits will go towards a cause for the Palestinian people. In working on these jewels, I will be donating my cost of labour and time. 

I hope something small like this can uplift your spirits and march onwards. In prayer, in holding space, in understanding, in kindness. 

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