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Ocean Glass Earrings

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A kind of magic we didn't expect to happen. At SSEK Jewelry we are always searching for stones in unique cuts and shapes, and these square, diamond like Apatite slivers simply reminded us of beautiful things. Sea glass, blue ice, a frozen lake, the bluest sky at dusk. 

The Ocean Glass earrings feature these delicate square Apatite beads in an impeccable slim-ness. Since these are handcut and not machine cut, each bead is irregularly drilled. While intended to drill top to bottom, some are drilled at the side, some are chipped from the drilling. 

Kindly understand the 'imperfect' cuts of the stones, there will not be a 100% perfectly straight pair. However irregular, these earrings have been a refreshing splash of colour and glow. 

Featuring gold plated beads, and a trio of gold drops on each side. 

Earring from bottom of hook to bottom of gold drop: 3.5cm

18k gold plated hardware. 


Kindly allow up to 2 weeks for us to process, make and ship your order. Each piece is handcrafted by myself and good things take time-- we make sure it's worth the wait.