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Cherub Bracelet, Treasures

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Fresh out of the ocean, the Cherub Bracelets are our first textile pieces. Each bracelet is hand braided with Japanese silk thread, and fastened with a bead stopper for easy wearing. The Cherub Bracelet in Treasures features a trio of Tibetan Quartz, Sunstone, and Amazonite. Embellished with gold beads and Swarovski beads at its ends. 

Please note that while these bracelets are easy to toggle, the thread is delicate and should be worn with care. Things that are cared for will last for a long time! 

Choose from 3 different colours of silk: Sienna, Cobalt and Rose.

The featured colour here is Sienna. Check out our other Cherub Bracelets for other colorways! 


Kindly allow up to 2 weeks for us to process, make and ship your order. Each piece is handcrafted by myself and good things take time-- we make sure it's worth the wait.