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Cassiopeia Earrings - Stud

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With the Pearl Anemone earring helming the front, extend the constellation on your ears with a crystal stud and crystal drop, and a little Chrysoprase crystal to draw that weight down. One of our favourite earrings this season, the Cassiopeia earrings are delicate, precious and versatile. 

How to wear: The crystal stud is ideally placed on the third piercing, with the Anemone hook on the first piercing. This is for the chain to fall nicely with adequate space in between! If you do not have a third piercing, kindly see "Cassiopeia earrings - Cuff".

KINDLY NOTE: This listing is for ONE side of the earring. We meant for this earring to complement your existing collection as one side. If you'd like to purchase a complete pair, please cart out TWO of this product item. 

ADDITIONALLY, do select which side of the ear you'd like to wear this for! Placement of the chain will depend on which ear you choose.