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And there was light.

Posted by Tammy Ye on

My current view.

Okay well not exactly, but a few minutes before this lol. Documenting things take effort, really. I took this photo on my camera, uploaded it to my phone, Airdropped it into my laptop before uploading it into this blog. 

And man, does the word "blog" take me back. If it takes you back, we're all around the same age. Who really bothers reading words anymore? Maybe if it's captions plastered over short form video, on a small device. 

There is a point to bringing this blog back to life, of course with a not-so-hidden capitalist hook to it (well this is connected to my store, after all) but as usual, before a big collection I struggle to find the ways to communicate its importance and what it means to me. But anyway, there is a point. 

Blogs: I started blogging when I was 13 years old. Let me show you a snippet of my first post:

don't ask me why.

don't. ask me why. hahahahaha.


Blogs: a truly almost ancient section of the Internet where many things should be buried. I have most certainly buried my blogs (a grand total of 3, each for different phases of my life?). Got me feeling nostalgic alright, but it's more than nostalgia for me to write today. 

Perhaps I can compare it to using a pen/pencil on paper-- my aspirations feel more comfortable in this process of typing long form, as I have done many years before. My inertia quelled. At least I'm doing something.

More importantly too, I also wish to bring you into this process. A process I understand not all will have the time to read through, so I'll definitely have some bite sized bits on the social platforms. But it's pretty nice to say things here too, like writing a letter. Whether you'd like to write back, is another story.

Lemme break the words with another incredible snippet from my first blog: 

have you heard of the N*Sync comeback rumours, tho? 
but yes JT for life, sis

Way too much fun. 
Now I'm thinking if this post is too long, it'll definitely lose interest. So I'll stop here, but now I'm wondering if you'll be back tomorrow.
I'll end with a progress photo. (It's been dull weather the whole day so it's impossible to take better ones. But I promise I'm cooking up something cool.

*sparkly emoticon*
See you tomorrow,


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