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Rockefetti Necklace and Tidal Earrings (Amethyst) Bundle

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Add the beautiful Amethyst stone into your precious jewelry collection with a set of Rockefetti Necklace and Tidal Earrings. 

Wear this pair of classic SSEK Jewelry earrings with a brand new confetti-like necklace, with a lovely glow of lilac and sparkle. 

The Rockefetti Necklace features a genuine, raw Amethyst stone in all its natural beauty. Flanked with a deep blue Lapis Lazuli bead and a delicate Pearl duo, this necklace will move and capture light wherever you go. 

Nano gold-plated chain, extension chain and clasp for long-lasting wear.

This piece is adjustable. Length of necklace from top to bottom: 24cm (longest) and 20cm (shortest)

Tidal is a classic SSEK Jewelry earring since 2014, showcasing a pair of beautiful, raw and genuine Amethyst stones in the softest lilac colours.

These earrings are 100% hypoallergenic with 925 Sterling Silver studs. Complete with brass components, African bone beads.