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Lightcatcher Necklace - Verona

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Perhaps the name of this necklace is a little obvious, given that it's dripping with gold beads and drops. Light reflects best off surfaces, but light also passes through. Each necklace features agate stones, each different from the last. Choose among a spectrum of colours, from marble white to seafoam green. When you get your Lightcatcher necklace, take time to see how light passes through the stone and into your eyes.

This necklace features a rich, marble-like Agate, with an auburn streak like a slope in a landscape.

Handcrafted with 18k gold plated chain, lead and nickel free. Agate slab, Howlite discs, brass components, gold plated beads and droplets.

Chain: 60cm long

Length of pendant from brass connectors to bottom: 5.5cm